Milwaukee WiFi update

Milwaukee is working out its negotiating position in regards to the Midwest Fiber Network LLC proposal. I am on the committee and am interested in any public comment.


Translation "vote fraud" = "non Republican vote"

The Neoconservative Republican's have learned many new tricks thanks to the 'ol white southern Democrats switching to the Republican Party. Opposition to the spirit of the 14th and 15th Amendments has moved north into the homestate of the grand old Republican Party. Perhaps we can harness Lincoln's spinning corpse for power generation. No connection whatsoever here to the fact that minorities and the elderly who tend to vote "non Republican" would be most taxed by the current GOP Voter ID proposals?

A network database with digital photos taken on site at polling places can provide the same security as photo ID cards with out being a de facto poll tax. We need not sacrifice liberty for a little (very little) security.

Get real indeed.

Properly translated vrsion of the posting at scottwalker.org:

Walker Offers Solution to Wisconsin's Non Republican Vote Dilemma: Get REAL

Plan Would Require a Photo ID to Vote and Repeal Same Day Registration

[Wauwatosa...] Wisconsin needs to get REAL about non Republican vote, says Milwaukee County Executive and Candidate for Governor Scott Walker. "I was the author of the original photo ID requirement legislation; this requirement along with other details in my get REAL plan will help solve Wisconsin's non Republican vote dilemma."


No picture ID! Sorry Mr. President, you can't vote here.

Article 1 of 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution

1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

According to this George W. Bush only carries a handkerchief.

No picture ID! Sorry George, if you live in the Wisconsin that the State Legislature wants, you will be denied the right to vote.

Is, to deny a citizen the right to vote because they don't have an ID, to deny liberty without due process?


War and the US Constitution

Article I, Section 8

The Congress shall have power ... To declare War, grant letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;

It is not within the enumerated powers of the President to declare War, nor is it within his power to alter the rules concerning captives. Perhaps the strict Constitutionalists should strike down the War Powers Act, and return the full power to make war to Congress. The People and Congress should keep the Constitution in mind if they think the current administration is contemplating the invasion of Syria or Iran.

We have done this little jaunt into Afghanistan and Iraq under the continuing resolution clause of the War Powers Act, and not in true keeping with the Constitution.

I think most people would agree, that if George W. Bush had stood before Congress and asked for a declaration of War against Afghanistan, that he would have gotten it.

The debate regarding a Declaration of War against Iraq, would have probably been more intense and would not have had a guaranteed outcome.

Am I arguing that Iraq is wrong? No, I am arguing that wars conducted without the full weight of a Declaration of War weaken both our commitment to the law of the land and our standing in the community of nations.

When a person serves in the Armed Forces of the United States of America, having faith in the fight may make the difference between victory and defeat. We owe it to ourselves and to the members of the Armed forces, to insure that our full commitment, in the form of a Declaration, is the product of an open debate.

War should not be conducted by a nation in doubt.

The debate and the exercise of the power of "We The People" is why we should always take the Constitutional path to war as defined in Article I, section 8.


Wisconsin Campaign Reform

A few brief proposals.

Limit campaign spending to one dollar per capita for the political unit of local government being contested. An indexed version could be to limit the per capita spending to one dollar or the current rate for sending three US Postal Service regular size postcards; whichever is higher.

Modernize the redistricting process through the use of an open source computer algorithm rather than relying on the political judgment of the state legislature or courts.

Allow IRV in all state and local races.

Do also look at my prior posting on voter ID. I think that that the current proposal to force voters to go to the DMV for state IDs is equivalent to a poll tax. Any poll tax is a violation of the Twenty-fourth Ammendment to the Unted States Constitution.

Let us see one of the proposing state legislators try and get an ID by taking a bus from 10th and Wright to the DMV office, and think about doing so without taking time off from a low paying job. Time is a critical commodity for working poor single parent families. Any state ID proposal should be done in a way that does not "tax" the voters.

Other pages:

Wisconsin Campaign Finance Reform

American Scientist Online - Machine Politics


Let us build the best network for Milwaukee

Perhaps my prior post about WiFi was somewhat judgemental. Doubt and self analysis are thought of as a weaknesses in todays political environment, but they are the hallmark of rational thinking and scientific analysis.

Therefore I shall reserve further judgment on this WiFi proposal for Milwaukee until I have seen the details.

I shall keep you posted.


Milwaukee WiFi - an open letter

We are completely confused as to the what, where, and how of the current proposal. We are, quite frankly, concerned because this announcement comes out a few weeks before we have an October 31st meeting set up with the Mayor on the same subject. We have been treated disdainfully by DPW in our efforts to get information on the city owned infrastructure and/or network. City Hall employees apparently believe that contractors and companies have more rights than citizens in access to government controlled information.

While Presidents from Washington to Truman have held the citizen as true ruler of the Republic; modern political systems seem to believe that the corporation has true right of rule. The corporate owner and operators have become for American governance what the lords and ladies of old Europe where to that continent in its pre democratic era.

One of the great hopes of the Internet is that it can be an enabling technology for class mobility. Politically, it is an enabler of open political discourse. Economically, it lowers the bar for new and small businesses to aggressively compete against entrenched incumbents.

America's strength is that it has traditionally supported a strong middle class, be it the yeoman farmer, the small shop keeper, the unionized factory worker or the young entrepreneur. Ours is the nation built on the economic and political power of the middle class.

We fear the old order is using lobbyist and inside influence to tilt the playing field that has been leveled by Internet technology. SBC and Time Warner Cable threaten to stifle any efforts at opening the city to a true open market system. They use heavy handed lobbyist tactics to maintain their respective market monopolies.

We can see the Midwest Fiber Networks' WiFi proposal as a distracting derivation of a "middle of the road" system that can offer true open access to multiple providers. We are leery of making Midwest Fiber Networks one of three entrenched gatekeepers to the Internet.

Midwest Fiber Networks has entrenched itself firmly into DPW and used inside access to leverage itself into its current position. A open review of the company's historic financial records will underscore the contention that it is highly leveraged. This is not to say that we favor large established corporations over startups, our criticism is derived from the discriminatory attitude expressed against our own efforts to act as an independent advocates for using the City of Milwaukee's DPW assets for economic development.

The truly valuable asset here is the DPW controlled right of way and conduit. We want equal access to DPW information. If security is the issue, then the city should perform a background check for any and all requesting entities rather than arbitrarily restricting access.

Please join us in our October 31st meeting with the Mayor and the November 1st meeting of the Public Works committee. Please support our effort to open the process to public scrutiny. We should insure that the City of Milwaukee's assets are used to preserve and extend open market competition rather than create conditions that allow further consolidation and control of our media and information networks.

Tue, November 1 9:00 AM PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE City Hall Room 301-B


I don't think you have to be hit on the head twice to know who hit you the first time.

The Republicans are proving that they are the party of fiscal irresponsibility. The Wisconsin Republicans keep hitting us on the head and talk about fiscal responsibility. They prove themselves as hypocrites when they continue to support the national Republican party's reckless cut and spend policy.

Excessive debt endangers the United States. We are dependent on nations like China to absorb our debt. Anyone who thinks that our behavior is not affected by our relationship with our lender is a fool. China remains today the largest Communist power on earth. While they have developed a hybrid capitalism, the fact remains that a third of China's industries are controlled by the Peoples Liberation Army and the state, and the political structure is controlled by the Communist Party. China has a poor record with human rights and its regime oppresses effort to organize the labor force or establish institutions based on democratic principals.

We borrow the money from China to pay for tax cuts for the rich and a war without a budget.

The Republican Party is hitting you on the head.

Our current federal polices undermine the future economic vitality of our nation. Republicans have become the mouthpiece for large corporate interest that seek to exploit cheap Chinese and Indian labor while undermining middle class American capability to have and sustain family supporting jobs.

The Republic bandwagon is being driven off a cliff. It is driven by a party dominated by large corporate interests. It is not the party of growth nor is it the party of the middle class. It is a party that is selling a false dream of riches for all in a time when the American Dream is becoming harder to obtain. Recent data indicates that if you are born into poverty in the US, you are actually more likely to remain in poverty than in other countries in Europe.

Republic policies have been disastrous for everyone but the ultra rich.

To quote Harry S. Truman:

"I don't think you have to be hit on the head twice to know who hit you the first time."


Scott Walker called you a pig!

In referring to the Milwaukee area economy Scott Walker said “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig,”.

Scott Walker apparently knows pigs when he sees them; his budgets have always been a pig in a poke.

Cut taxes and eventually economic growth will give us more revenue ... yeah right.

How about growing the Milwaukee economy, so each can pay less in taxes.

Having been unwilling to tackle the issue of local economic growth, he has blamed poor economic growth for lack of tax revenue growth.

He blames organized labor for the high cost of doing business in Milwaukee. Yet organized labor is only minor part of the modern work force.

He blames health care costs for driving away business. Yet he initiates policies that increase the cost of health care.

Lots of blame and no solutions.

You who live in Milwaukee County, parse the words carefully. Walker wants you to work more, for less. He want to take away your parks and your bus ride to work.

His concept of economic development is to make Milwaukee into Mississippi. Low wages, no health care, no unions and minimal government services.

Where does it stop? Do we need to work for the same average per capita income in Mississippi? ($24,650) Mexico? ($9,600) India? ($3,100)

If the cheap labor and low taxes trick works so well why does Mississippi have higher unemployment than Vermont or Hawaii?

Walker is an advocate for the slide down, not the climb up.

What we need is capital, education, and infrastructure.

... and hope.

Lacking the vision required to build our future, he sees instead a lipstick adorned pig.

You live in the Milwaukee area, you are the Milwaukee economy! Scott Walker called you a pig!

Big business, big government and the big lie

While contemplating my place on the political compass, it occurs to me that my philosophy tends to support diversity and liberty. To me the fundamental superiority of a society, economic system, defence system or ecological system based on diversity is self evident.

To me, monopoly, duopoly, and oligopoly are bad things to have. I prefer cooperatives in place of "natural monopolies" and democratically controlled, government owned system, when market diversity and cooperatives are not possible. If diversity does exists, then I am all for the competitive free market. I am also for government intervention when markets become controlled by oligopolies, duopolies and monopolies.

Big businesses evolve into lumbering dinosaurs. Systems that become highly specialized tend to develop flaws that only become apparent in times of change. Change can often result in a fatal blow to systems that lack diversity.

For example ...

In 1900 Milwaukee american elm trees became the preferred tree to shade streets, and by the mid 20th century the elm lined street looked like green cathedrals. Without the protection of diversity, the City of Milwaukee lost its magnificent foliage as dutch elm disease ravaged the human planned elm mono-culture. A few american elms survive to this day in corners of the city, on streets where the elms where mixed with maples and oaks.

A diverse system of commerce ...

The Internet is based on a technology that creates networks based on peer-to-peer communications. On a very simplistic level, general purpose computers can used to build all the element of Internet technology. The software used by a router or a server is essentially the same. Information on the Internet is routed by software through a system that is designed to have a distributed knowledge of itself. It is the core concept of inter-domain routing that differentiates the Internet from traditional centrally switched systems. Distributed intelligence allows the system to operate when damaged to a far greater existent than possible with systems based on centralized switching. The traditional telephone system is based on dumb devises attached to a central office switch. Internet systems need no central office switch. The Internet is the antithesis of centralization unless controlled by big business or big government.

The Internet standards as defined by the IETF are limited to communication protocols. The diversity is in the implementations. Because the IETF uses a public peer review process the protocol standards tend to be far more robust and resistant to fatal flaws than proprietary standards developed within large corporations.

Centralized communications systems breakdown during crises. The Achilles heel being the central office. We would be far better off in a world with multiple overlaid Internet based systems in times of emergency than the traditional central office telephone system. The only thing the old telephone system has going for it is a -48 volt power supply and the fixed knowledge of where the wire is. The power and the fixed nature makes operation when the power company has a failure and 911 more predictable, yet the same technical enhancement can be integrated into Internet based systems using power over Ethernet and LOC combinded with TXT records in DNS to identify the location and address. The telephone companies use the dedicated power and 911 features as weapons against competition, while they design new systems based on the competitor's offerings.

Fortunately for utilities (and unfortunately for our society,) in our economic-political system the dinosaurs have an opportunity to escape extinction through the use of political action committees and lobbyists.

At the core of our utilities problem is the creation of vertically integrated monopolies or duopolies. When one or a few own the production, distribution and delivery, the consumer pays. We have the technology to interface many producers of information to a common delivery system. We also have the technology to safely and reliably deliver power from many producers to a common power grid. The common network and the common power grid should be viewed in the same way as the town market. These should not be controlled by a single producer. If I could, I would replace city power grids with an open cooperative of power producers; as in turn I would replace the telephone and cable local loop with an open cooperative of service providers using Internet based technology.

This is a model of true free markets.

Where I agree with Milton Freedman is that monopolies are a product of government policies. What we have created in America is an alliance between big government and big business that supports the creation of and perpetuation of monopolies, duopolies, and oligopolies rather than true open markets.

Large business and large government create social stratification and hurt the middle class. This enforces the segregated society. Lack of opportunity make the poor feel helpless which leads to a downward cycle of crime and poverty. These large corporation use money to influence the media and the political system so as to perpetuate the accumulation of power and money by few at great cost to economic and social mobilty A.K.A The American Dream.

Many businesses working in a mixed cooperative and competitive market leads to a strong middle class. This leads to opportunity. Lower the bar for small business, open the networks and power grids to any and all producers and providers. Open telecommunications and power systems combined can create a new wave of entrepreneurship and economic diversity for America.

Is this not a self evident path to a new information economy and energy independence?

Add Monopoly is Competition to the Orwellian list of War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, Freedom is Slavery; for Monopoly is Competition is the current FCC and Wisconsin PSC policy.

All part of big business, big government and the big lie.


My political compass

FYI - Here is the result of my test on the political compass. So please call me a lefty libertarian when you pigeon-hole me.

I am under the influence of Thomas Paine and these other writers.

Currently I am reading America's Constitution : A Biography.

Doing voter ID the fair way.

I happen to agree, that as currently proposed by the republican state legislature, voter ID is a bad idea. IDs should not be an impediment to voting, rather the ID process should be integrated into the voting process. Here is my suggestion.

Each voter should provide a picture and a valid address. This does not need to be done at the Department of Motor Vehicles, because we have the technology to do this at the polls. Why pictures? Unlike ID cards ... faces are harder to forge. Put into a central database, no cards to carry, no forgeries. Suspect fraud ... check the pictures.

All we need is a digital camera and an Internet connection at each polling place with a connection to a centralized database. Do the whole thing using public domain, open source software and we can kick Accenture out of the voting process.

My view is that this can be done as a University Wisconsin gradute student project.

What do we need?

Internet connectivity - Avalible at most every tradition polling location given that polls tend to be at school and fire houses.

DVDs - No Internet ... no problem ... use DVD ROMs for lookups and use paper (recoring the image number from our digital camera snapshot) for input. A ward's worth of data should fit on a DVD without a problem.

A large scalable database - check out Postgresql - it is scalable, supports replication and it is free.

An easy to use interface - It’s called web pages.

Hardware - Yahoo! and Google have been built using cheap Intel systems, running FreeBSD or Linux - sounds like a workable model to me.

No cushy contracts for big political donors.

Build an open sources system based on open systems architecture and the Internet, and in the process save thee taxpayers millions.

See also



SBC's threat to the Republic - more links

Every contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce is illegal. Every person who makes any contract or engages in any combination or conspiracy in restraint of trade or commerce is guilty of a Class H felony, except that, notwithstanding the maximum fine specified in s.939.50 (3) (h), the person may be fined not more than $100,000 if a corporation, or, if any other person, may be fined not more than $50,000.

-- Wisconsin State Statues 133.03

You be the judge. SBC is spending millions to limit competition. SBC, its lobbyists and the politicians who work with SBC are guilty of a felony.

Former Bells Dial Up Big Numbers in Statehouses

Telecoms Spend Millions to Influence Government

Cashing in on candidates

Communication Breakdown


Please support S 1294 and stop SBC.

Support S 1294: Community Broadband Act of 2005

This bill would amend the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to preserve and protect the ability of local governments to provide broadband capability and services.

SBC has been a corrupting influence in Madison. BadgerNet II, 2003 Senate Bill 272, obstruction of efforts to interconnect public schools and colleges on municipal fiber, the effort to dismantal WiscNet, obstruction of community network projects across the state, all have been the result of SBC money flowing into the campaign coffers of state and local politicians.

The SBC PAC has given more to state candidates than any other PAC.


Elected officials get large contributions from SBC and ex-government employees get high paying consulting jobs from SBC.

The quid pro quo for the money is to create laws that insure the preservation of SBC's local loop monopoly and the continued government purchase of large SBC contracts.

The corrupting influence of SBC is an open dirty secret that no politician will speak against for fear that the gravy will stop flowing.

SBC is a monopolists that acts in defiance of State Chapter 133.

SBCs influence in the state combined with the duopoly trust established between SBC, Verizon, Bell South, and Comcast represent the greatest wholesale effort to corrupt the political process since the Crédit Mobilier of America.


It is time for the people to act. Stop the corruption, stop the payoffs, stop SBC and its trust.

The restrictions against municipal broadband initiatives in 2003 Senate Bill 272 where put in place by SBC lobbyists intent on preventing competition.

Support S 1294, federal legislation that will undo 2003 Senate Bill 272.

Demand that the State Attorney General investigate SBC for violation of Wisconsin Chapter 133.


The Age of Unreason, Katrina and Transportaion Policy

If Thomas Paine where alive today, perhaps he would view Hurricane Katrina is a reminder, sent by natures God, of the fragility of our petroleum dependent culture. Some Europeans are pointing to Katrina’s strength as a natural consequence the United States’ disregard of global warming issues. While the contribution of global warming to the strength of Katrina’s fury may never be scientifically correlated, a preponderance of data prior to Katrina was supporting the conclusion that global oceanic surface temperatures are on the rise as a result of increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The strength of Hurricanes is driven by oceanic water temperatures. Drawing the line of logic based on current science a Deist such as Paine may view Katrina as a natural consequence of our disregard of a natural God’s natural order.

As Thomas Paine wrote in his still controversial “Age of Reason” :

“We can know God only through his works. We cannot have a conception of any one attribute but by following some principle that leads to it. We have only a confused idea of his power, if we have not the means of comprehending something of its immensity. We can have no idea of his wisdom, but by knowing the order and manner in which it acts. The principles of science lead to this knowledge; for the Creator of man is the Creator of science; and it is through that medium that man can see God, as it were, face to face.”

At the core of the global debate regarding carbon dioxide and global warming is the recognized fact the we Americans contribute more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere per capita than any other nation of consequence। The most cost effective means of reducing our per capita output of carbon dioxide is to increase federal funding for rail based, electric powered mass transportation and non fossil fuel based electric power generation.

Peel the onion back and you will find that the largest contributor to CO2 in America is the automobile. We need transportation alternatives.

Transportation systems work best when they are layered (i.e. local, intracity, interurban, intercity) and intermodal , to wit, pertaining to two or more different modes of transportation in conveying goods or people.

Population densities east of the Mississippi and in select corridors in California, Washington State and Texas can and will support high speed rail, especially when fuel prices climb toward four dollars a gallon.

Most US cites with a metropolitan area greater than a half million can support light rail systems. Larger cites can support heavy rail rapid transit systems. These are not systems that can be built over night, but take years of planning. Years of minimal maintenance on systems in cities such as Chicago and New York show the strain as riders flock to mass transit in the face of high gasoline prices.

Electric powered transportation systems can use and form of power generation currently available. Trains powered by third rail or overhead wire have increased efficiency over transportation systems requiring on board power, be it from batteries or fuel, because they need not expend energy on the hauling the energy source. Rail is more efficient than rubber wheeled transportation systems due to the friction coefficient of steel wheels on rails vs. rubber wheels on roads.

All in all, the operating and maintenance costs of high speed intercity rail and light rail systems are below that of bus systems and superior to air transportation and on runs less than 400 miles it has proven a superior form of conveyance in Europe. I am certain Jefferson and Franklin would support building a new national rail infrastructure today, with as fervor as gave to canal building in their era.

The CO2 footprint of electric powered rail systems vastly superior to anything short to bicycles, canal barges, and sailboats. So if we are truly persuaded by All Gore's argument that reducing CO2 is a moral imperative, then it is a moral imperative to build light rail in our cities and TGV style high speed rail between or cities.

Energy production based on renewable fuels such as wind, solar, bio-mass, and hydro are far less susceptible to disruption by nature, terrorist, and global politics. These renewable are twice blessed by the Deist’s God, being both an investment in the stability of our economy while being in harmony with nature.

Production of hydrogen from coal, oil and gas as an “alternative fuel,” is a short sighted “fix” to our problems, offered by an administration populated by politicians with close ties to the existing coal and oil industry. A renewed reliance on nuclear energy seem imprudent given lack of wast storage facilities and a reliable global structure that can prevent the conversion of nuclear power technology into nuclear weapons.

Katrina is a wake up call to our Nation. We need to heed the call and craft legislation that creates a future society free of dependence on fossil fuels and petroleum powered internal combustion engines. The hand of self interest will inevitably push us toward mass transit and renewable fuels as the cost of fossil fuels follow the inevitable economic result of diminishing supply and increasing demand.

Perhaps the hand of self interest is bound to inaction by big oil influences. Perhaps the voice of reason has been taken to a back room and muffled by lobbiest.

How many times must the economy bear the brunt of damage produced by increasingly damaging storms fueled by global climate change? How much will we pay in economic instability, and higher fuel and insurance costs? The lead time on building infrastructure alternatives to the car demand an “intelligent design” on the part of our political leadership. Investment in mass transit and alternative fuels now will insure economic stability and save us all money in the long run.