I don't think you have to be hit on the head twice to know who hit you the first time.

The Republicans are proving that they are the party of fiscal irresponsibility. The Wisconsin Republicans keep hitting us on the head and talk about fiscal responsibility. They prove themselves as hypocrites when they continue to support the national Republican party's reckless cut and spend policy.

Excessive debt endangers the United States. We are dependent on nations like China to absorb our debt. Anyone who thinks that our behavior is not affected by our relationship with our lender is a fool. China remains today the largest Communist power on earth. While they have developed a hybrid capitalism, the fact remains that a third of China's industries are controlled by the Peoples Liberation Army and the state, and the political structure is controlled by the Communist Party. China has a poor record with human rights and its regime oppresses effort to organize the labor force or establish institutions based on democratic principals.

We borrow the money from China to pay for tax cuts for the rich and a war without a budget.

The Republican Party is hitting you on the head.

Our current federal polices undermine the future economic vitality of our nation. Republicans have become the mouthpiece for large corporate interest that seek to exploit cheap Chinese and Indian labor while undermining middle class American capability to have and sustain family supporting jobs.

The Republic bandwagon is being driven off a cliff. It is driven by a party dominated by large corporate interests. It is not the party of growth nor is it the party of the middle class. It is a party that is selling a false dream of riches for all in a time when the American Dream is becoming harder to obtain. Recent data indicates that if you are born into poverty in the US, you are actually more likely to remain in poverty than in other countries in Europe.

Republic policies have been disastrous for everyone but the ultra rich.

To quote Harry S. Truman:

"I don't think you have to be hit on the head twice to know who hit you the first time."

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