Scott Walker called you a pig!

In referring to the Milwaukee area economy Scott Walker said “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig,”.

Scott Walker apparently knows pigs when he sees them; his budgets have always been a pig in a poke.

Cut taxes and eventually economic growth will give us more revenue ... yeah right.

How about growing the Milwaukee economy, so each can pay less in taxes.

Having been unwilling to tackle the issue of local economic growth, he has blamed poor economic growth for lack of tax revenue growth.

He blames organized labor for the high cost of doing business in Milwaukee. Yet organized labor is only minor part of the modern work force.

He blames health care costs for driving away business. Yet he initiates policies that increase the cost of health care.

Lots of blame and no solutions.

You who live in Milwaukee County, parse the words carefully. Walker wants you to work more, for less. He want to take away your parks and your bus ride to work.

His concept of economic development is to make Milwaukee into Mississippi. Low wages, no health care, no unions and minimal government services.

Where does it stop? Do we need to work for the same average per capita income in Mississippi? ($24,650) Mexico? ($9,600) India? ($3,100)

If the cheap labor and low taxes trick works so well why does Mississippi have higher unemployment than Vermont or Hawaii?

Walker is an advocate for the slide down, not the climb up.

What we need is capital, education, and infrastructure.

... and hope.

Lacking the vision required to build our future, he sees instead a lipstick adorned pig.

You live in the Milwaukee area, you are the Milwaukee economy! Scott Walker called you a pig!

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