Please support S 1294 and stop SBC.

Support S 1294: Community Broadband Act of 2005

This bill would amend the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to preserve and protect the ability of local governments to provide broadband capability and services.

SBC has been a corrupting influence in Madison. BadgerNet II, 2003 Senate Bill 272, obstruction of efforts to interconnect public schools and colleges on municipal fiber, the effort to dismantal WiscNet, obstruction of community network projects across the state, all have been the result of SBC money flowing into the campaign coffers of state and local politicians.

The SBC PAC has given more to state candidates than any other PAC.


Elected officials get large contributions from SBC and ex-government employees get high paying consulting jobs from SBC.

The quid pro quo for the money is to create laws that insure the preservation of SBC's local loop monopoly and the continued government purchase of large SBC contracts.

The corrupting influence of SBC is an open dirty secret that no politician will speak against for fear that the gravy will stop flowing.

SBC is a monopolists that acts in defiance of State Chapter 133.

SBCs influence in the state combined with the duopoly trust established between SBC, Verizon, Bell South, and Comcast represent the greatest wholesale effort to corrupt the political process since the Crédit Mobilier of America.


It is time for the people to act. Stop the corruption, stop the payoffs, stop SBC and its trust.

The restrictions against municipal broadband initiatives in 2003 Senate Bill 272 where put in place by SBC lobbyists intent on preventing competition.

Support S 1294, federal legislation that will undo 2003 Senate Bill 272.

Demand that the State Attorney General investigate SBC for violation of Wisconsin Chapter 133.


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