Translation "vote fraud" = "non Republican vote"

The Neoconservative Republican's have learned many new tricks thanks to the 'ol white southern Democrats switching to the Republican Party. Opposition to the spirit of the 14th and 15th Amendments has moved north into the homestate of the grand old Republican Party. Perhaps we can harness Lincoln's spinning corpse for power generation. No connection whatsoever here to the fact that minorities and the elderly who tend to vote "non Republican" would be most taxed by the current GOP Voter ID proposals?

A network database with digital photos taken on site at polling places can provide the same security as photo ID cards with out being a de facto poll tax. We need not sacrifice liberty for a little (very little) security.

Get real indeed.

Properly translated vrsion of the posting at scottwalker.org:

Walker Offers Solution to Wisconsin's Non Republican Vote Dilemma: Get REAL

Plan Would Require a Photo ID to Vote and Repeal Same Day Registration

[Wauwatosa...] Wisconsin needs to get REAL about non Republican vote, says Milwaukee County Executive and Candidate for Governor Scott Walker. "I was the author of the original photo ID requirement legislation; this requirement along with other details in my get REAL plan will help solve Wisconsin's non Republican vote dilemma."

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