Do Not Bargin You Rights Away

The suppression of rights is tyranny. The stability of democracy is in its capacity to give voice to aspirations of the people. If the voices are in conflict, then open debate and reasonable compromise is in order. Politics *is* the art of compromise.

What is happening in Madison Wisconsin is symptomatic of tyrannical usurpation of power, not an effort to resolve the structural financial problems of a state. The structural financial problems can be resolved without specialized tax codes written by the business magnet contributors to the governor's campaign coffer. The structural financial problems can be resolved without usurping the rights of workers. The whole apparatus of the state government is being pivoted in support of a radical business magnet agenda, funneling power and money into the hands of a corporate oligarchy.

The agenda cripples the power of people to build new businesses and ossified the existing corporate oligarchy. Our future is in public education and a strong public university system. Our future in attracting the talented people of the world to come here. Our future is in building infrastructure that provides open markets, in power production and information systems. Our future is in a strong investment in transportation infrastructure that can aide Wisconsin in riding out the inevitable spikes in gasoline and diesel oil prices.

We spend too much money on prisons, highways, and tax breaks for large corporations.

Certainly we can and must squeeze more efficiency out of government, but this is best done by an educated and empowered work force. Our most efficient and productive domestic industries empower workers at the lowest levels and flatten bureaucratic hierarchies.  We must apply the state of the art methodology of modern management to the business of government.

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