The demise of government by the people.

Wisconsin's suicidal drive to consolidate the rule of the corporate oligarchy has moved forward under the command and control the the lumpenproletariat leader, Governor and Principate, Scott Walker. Any act which furthers the decline of workers rights, eliminates the cumbersome instruments of democracy, or moves our economy into dependency on monopolies, trusts, cartels, or oligopolies, is OK with Scott.

Any ecological concern about the transformation of the global environment by carbon emissions, make no difference this rainy Wisconsin day in February. As any youthful Tea Party young pioneer knows, the scientists at the Cato Institute (funded through the magnificent benevolence of the Koch Brothers and Exxon) have disproven the negative effects of anthropomorphic induced climate change, discredited renewable energy, and shown the economic futility of any form of publicly funded mass transit.

The future prosperity of the American nation, or at least its oligarchy, will be guaranteed as long as the lumpenproletariat are properly assuaged through bread and circuses, or the modern Wisconsin equivalent, junk food and packer games.  (GO PACK)

Please ignore the industrialist behind the campaign finance curtain, we are simply returning to the form of government  that existed before the liberal pinko progressives and socialist reined in the free market capitalism epitomized by Byron Kilbourn and closed down the brothels on Milwaukee's Water Street.

Two-hundred and fifty thousand low pay and exploitive jobs, he will make! His industrial sponsors shall be allowed to fully consume our natural resources, pollute our air, and enslave future generation to fossile fuel dependency! He is more brilliant than any economist, offering a vision of a state virtually free of unemployment!  I salute the intellectual prowess of our collage dropout and state potentate! All glory to the New Gilded Age! Eradicate those pesky unions! Use the National Guard to stop the socialist labor activistsGerrymander to make eternal GOP domination! Establish for a thousand years the best government that the oligarchy can buy!

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