Reactionary Ostriches and Scott Walker

At one time the United States had two political parties, both with a left, a middle, and a right. Richard Nixon managed to lop off most of the right wing of the Democratic Party, the so called "dixiecrats," and put them solidly in the Republican camp. The Republican liberals and moderates have been slowly boiling away from that party, since any moderate actions by a Republican now days gets him or her labeled as a RINO.

The new symbol of the Republic Party should be The Reactionary Ostrich. The Republican solution to anthropogenic climate change, peak oil, and the contribution of tax cuts to the federal deficit is denial and sticking their collective heads in the sand. The GOP of late has become ideologically apposed to truth. What is currently more disturbing is the tendency of GOP candidates to shuffle further to the right and to put themselves at the podium in front of the Tea Party. The Tea Party is essentially a modernized retread of the John Birch Society backed by the purse of the Koch brothers through their front-group Americans for Prosperity.

Now I may nominally and from time to time be in support of the Democratic Party, but I must admit that my support is mostly driven my my current disdain for the Republican Party. When I was 18, I was a card carrying Socialist, and even today I find myself flirting on and off with the Greens. Electoral politics being what it is, makes it difficult to accomplish change without winning an election now and then.  Unfortunately that probably means sticking to one of the two large political parties, and picking the lesser of two evils. Historically political innovation comes from third parties.  It would be nice if we could elect a third party candidate for governor or senator, but I don't see it realistically happening soon. So my political party loyalty is quite honestly not particularity deep; but then I can't honestly say I am happy with that. No doubt everyone on all sides will want to use this statement against me at some time in the near future.

Honestly folks, everyone on the left, Democrats, Greens, Socialist, whatever ... needs to work to defeat of Scott Walker for Governor of Wisconsin. Here is a man who embraces the Tea-Party doctrine and is surrounded by people who deny anthropogenic climate change, peak oil, and the contribution of tax cuts to the federal deficit. His followers fill the Journal Sentinel online comments with vitriolic diatribes against "entitlement"; often seemingly used as thinly veiled racial slur against Milwaukee's minority population. Social Justice is thought of by these folks as equivalent to communism. Walker and his following want to cut government down until it's just military, police, and prisons; give the rich tax cut and take all regulations off business; drowned everything else in a bathtub.

To me this philosophy smacks more of fascism then conservationism.  To save Wisconsin, Scott Walker, the brown bagger, must be defeated.

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