Being Silly and Going Nowhere

The real issue in running for government is, do you have the guts to put yourself out for public ridicule? If you desire a change for the better, what better place to put ideas to the test, but in the public forum?

So let's not ridicule, but respect people who seek public office, especially if their sole motivation is to further the public good. Attack policies, not people. ... and yes I should endeavor to do the same.

I honestly believe that I would have done better things for our community than the current County Executive.

That I am guilty of not being a professional politician, I confess, this is true.

I would like to think that for the most part the good people at Urban Milwaukee, and those within the progressive, trade unionist, and urbanist circles of Milwaukee County would see me as a friend. Is it then a proper thing to call your friends 'silly' for desiring to do right?

Doyle’s Decision Could Send Ripples Through Milwaukee’s Political Landscape

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Dave said...

@Joe First, I was just ribbing ya. But seriously I think it is better to use your efforts to push or work for somebody who can win.