Back from OIF

Two years ago after Katrina I decided to rejoin the Wisconsin National Guard and get past my last two years of service to make 20 years. I will be 50 this year, and it seemed to me a now or never proposal at the time. I went down to the recruiter requesting to help out on Katrina. As it turned out, by the time the paperwork was completed, Governor Doyle had withdrawn Wisconsin National Guard members from participation in the cleanup.

In '06 I was attached to the 1-121 FA out of the Richard Street Armory for activation in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. So I spent time in Camp Shelby, then Kuwait and Iraq. In all I spent about 35 days in Iraq and about a year overseas. I was never was exposed to direct hostilities. I am just another guy who did his time over there. Hence the silent blog.

Now I am back.

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